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Euphoric Colors: Crafting Sustainable and Ethically-Made Apparel in the USA


Euphoric Colors, with immense pride, has been the guiding force behind over 2000 emerging designers like you since our inception in 2008. Our proficient team is dedicated to assisting you in unveiling your collection, ensuring optimal fit and unparalleled quality to make a lasting impression. 


Euphoric Colors, our experienced team of in-house industry professionals stands ready to support you with everything from creative conception and design, to fabric and trim sourcing, photoshoots and branding.We invite you to leverage LaBranders' comprehensive Innovation Support.


 Our steadfast commitment to quality craftsmanship and fair practices has established us as a respected production associate for more than 2000 emerging and established fashion designers. Since 2008, Euphoric Colors has taken pride in offering consistent employment to our garment workers.

Our services

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Euphoric Colors offers a comprehensive "Cut and Sew" service to clients looking for custom-made clothing or textile products. This service involves creating a product from scratch, customized to the client's specifications. It's a process that includes the designing, patterning, cutting, and sewing of a unique garment. Here's how it works:

Absolutely, screen printing is one of the key services offered by Euphoric Colors, and it's a popular choice for many of our clients, given its versatility, durability, and vibrant results. Here's an outline of our screen printing process:

At Euphoric Colors, we offer a top-quality embroidery service, perfect for adding sophistication and durability to your products. This technique is excellent for branding, personalizing, or decorating apparel and various textile items. Here's a general outline of our embroidery service:

At Euphoric Colors, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of fabric printing services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Our services span multiple types of fabric printing techniques, allowing us to work with various materials and achieve various design effects. Here's an overview:

At Euphoric Colors, we also specialize in printing directly onto fabric rolls before they are cut and sewn into final products. This service, often called "roll to roll" or "bolt fabric printing," is perfect for larger-scale production runs and offers techniques such as pigment printing and wet printing. Here's a brief explanation:

At Euphoric Colors, our extensive garment dyeing solutions offer our clients a broad range of options to achieve the specific look and feel they want for their products. This process involves dyeing the finished garments (known as "post-construction dyeing")

What we do

At Euphoric Colors, we believe that every great piece of clothing begins with an idea—a spark of creativity that merges style, comfort, and quality into a wearable reality. As an ethical and Made in the USA brand, we are committed to taking that idea and transforming it into a finished garment, while adhering to the highest standards of sustainability and work ethics. Here is a step-by-step look at how we develop garments locally in the USA:

 It all starts with your idea. We listen to your vision and understand your target market and design preferences. With these insights, we create a unique concept that aligns with your brand ethos and market demands.

Based on the approved concept, our talented designers sketch the initial designs and create the patterns. Our pattern makers translate these designs into templates that will guide the cutting process later on, ensuring each piece of the garment fits together perfectly.

With the designs in place, we source suitable fabric that meets the design specifications and quality standards. We prioritize using organic materials whenever possible, supporting sustainable farming practices, and reducing environmental impact. Alternatively, we can also create custom fabrics through our local knitting service. Using high-quality yarn, we make various types of knits using circular knitting machines, offering a range of textures and weights per your needs.

The dyed fabric is then cut according to the patterns and sewn together to create the garments. Our skilled local workforce meticulously assembles each piece, ensuring precision in every stitch. All sewing processes abide by ethical labor standards, providing fair wages and safe working conditions for our staff.

Every single garment undergoes a thorough quality inspection to ensure it meets our stringent standards. Any garment that does not meet these standards is rectified or removed from the batch.

Depending on the design, the garments may then receive additional detailing such as embroidery or screen printing. We can create a wide range of decorative elements, adding a unique touch to each garment


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