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Why You Should Not Outsource Fabric Manufacturing Overseas

There are a lot of options these days to manufacture clothing items and outsourcing seems the most cost-effective and simple alternative of all. However, it would be best if you did proper research to find the quality standards, manufacturing costs, and ethics of the textile company before you outsource. Still, it is seen that outsourcing clothing manufacturing to another country can be very risky. Below are some reasons that assert why you should stick to fabric made in USA and should not choose to manufacture overseas.

Design Miscommunication
Proper communication is essential to ensure you get the finest quality products per your designs. Communicating product specifications is often the most difficult part when you outsource overseas, which could end up in measurement errors and sampling issues. You will not be able to keep an eye on the manufacturing process and check in on your designs regularly, either when it is handled in another country. While outsourcing overseas may seem more affordable, any error in the design can eventually cost you more than what you had planned.

Cost Of Manufacturing
It is a common belief that it is cheaper to manufacture clothing items overseas. However, modern technology and industry developments have made production costs much lower in the US. A fabric made in USA can cost somewhat similar to what you can expect when buying from other countries. Add to that the convenience of checking the manufacturing process in person and the costs will seem more reasonable. Besides, the costs like packaging, shipping, and traveling will be much lesser when you go for a US-based textile company.

Product Liability
There is no product liability system overseas to protect you, your products, or your customers. Yet in the US, strict product liability policies hold the manufacturer accountable for producing defective products. What’s more, there is a legal liability standard in the US, which protects you and helps you seek compensation if the manufacturer does not deliver as per the terms mentioned in the agreement. These product liability systems ensure that you will always get top-quality material for your clothing line.

When you choose to work with a supplier for fabric made in USA, you can also ensure that the clothing factory is ethical and follows certain standards that do not violate labor laws. When you outsource, you cannot be sure that the products you get are produced in a safe and strictly regulated environment. If you learn that the factory you have been working with was involved in unethical practices, it could seriously affect your brand's repute.